Askos Stone Park
Askos Stone Park
Askos Stone Park

In the Volimes area, 42km northwest of Zakynthos town (35-minute car ride), you will come across Askos Stone Park, a very interesting private project which will bring you closer to nature.

In a green area of 500 stremmata (123 acres) there are about 20,000 adventitious plants, bushes and trees, among which there live hundreds of animals that enjoy the living conditions of this natural environment. Wild hawks, mammals of the island, various species of birds, amphibians, insects and all indigenous animals welcome you and in a way challenge you to take their picture.

At the park you will notice various stone and other constructions as well as cisterns in the cliffs that have been built 600 years ago, in harmony with the rest of the scenery.

Open summer season only
Daily: 09.00-19.00
€8,50 (adults), €5 (children aged 4-12), special prices for groups