Carnival in Zakynthos

If you are in Zakynthos during the Apokries (carnival) season, you will be able to party non-stop for 3 days in a way that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the county.

The details regarding the events of the carnival which is five centuries old, are announced by traditional criers that go round the island on Sunday of the prodigal son (second Sunday of the carnival period) –also called "pigsunday"– bringing back to mind images from the famous carnivals of previous years. Parades, masquerades, balls and improvised comic performances on the streets are some of the events that will attract your interest.

Carnival celebrations come to an end on the last Sunday of this period and it is the same all around Greece. Large crowds of people, in costumes, accompany the King of the Carnival with original floats. Activities are concluded with the "Funeral of the Mask", an entertaining parody of a funeral, the King of Carnival being the dead who is eventually led to be burnt.