Cauliflower Sofigadoura

Sofigadoura is one of Zakynthos most traditional recipes and there are many variations with cauliflower or meat.

1 large cauliflower
2 garlic cloves
1 wine glass vinegar
1 small tomato puree (equal to 1 1/2 tbs puree)
salt, pepper
olive oil
quite a lot of parsley

Cut the cauliflower into bunches, wash thoroughly and drain. Heat the oil and add the garlic finely sliced. Add the cauliflower, lower the heat and let it saute. Add the puree at the bottom of the saucepan and stir until it is dissolved. Add salt, pepper and a glass of water and let it simmer. About 30 mins before the cauliflower is done, add vinegar and turn up the heat. When the sauce is thickened, withdraw from fire and add quite a lot of fresh chopped parsley.