Monastery of Agios Georgios Gremnon

The Monastery of Agios Georgios Gremnon dates back to 1535 in the Volimes area, in the northwest part of Zakynthos, near the famous Navagio.

In the katholikon (main part), beautiful wall-paintings were created in 1606 that have not survived, while the characteristic tower on the exterior started being built in 1561, so that the monks could defend themselves against pirates.

Monks Makarios and Varlaam Mpeletis were the founders. Eminent representatives of the Orthodox Church have been here as ascetics, such as monk Gerasimos Notaras, Zakynthinos Theologos, monk Pachomios Rousanos, the great teacher of the Nation, etc.

The library is one of the most interesting parts of the monastery due to Pachomios handwritten Codes, now found at the Marciana library in Venice, known to scientists as Nanian Codes as they were rescued by the Venetian admiral Nani and taken to Italy.

Open all year round