Museum of Solomos and Prominent Zakynthians
Museum of Solomos and Prominent Zakynthians

Museum of Solomos and Prominent Zakynthians opened on 24 August, 1966 at the historic Agiou Markou Square. The two-floor building was built with financial aid from the state as well as due to institutions and private contributions. Here, you will find a big variety of relics regarding the culture and history of Zakynthos.

On the ground floor you will see the Mausoleum with our national poets's bones as well as Andreas Kalvos's and his wife. On the first floor there is the Dionisios Solomos room, the Prominent Zakynthians room, the Dionisios Romas room and the Nikolaos and Thalia Kolyva room.

In the Dionisios Solomos room you will be able to admire our national poet's personal items, manuscripts, portraits, relics and books as well as portraits of his father and brother.

In the Prominent Zakynthians room there are portraits of Agios Dionisios, Dionisios and Alexandros Romas as well as of other important people of the island that lived between the 17th and 20th century. You will also see the Filiki Eteria painting, taking an oath at he Agios Georgios chapel, Grigorios Xenopoulos's personal belongings, old furniture from Zakynthian mansions, embroidery, musical instruments, gravures, photographs, coats of arms, etc.

On the second floor there is the Stavros S. Niarchos room where you will find the Library and the Verification Department.

Open all year round
Monday-Saturday: 09.00-14.00
€4, €2 (reduced)