Venetian Fortress of Zakynthos
Venetian Fortress of Zakynthos

On top of Bohalis hill, the Venetian Fortress of the island, stands imposing in the course of time. From here you will enjoy the panoramic view of Zakynthos town, seeing all that goes on in the capital of the island. The Fortress was built in 1480, but part of it has been destroyed by the Turk invasions. The Venetians gave it the form we see today in 1646, after the necessary reconstructions.

According to written testimonies, it was built where the walls of the ancient acropolis used to be and enveloped all activities in Zakynthos town. During the reconstruction from the Venetians, the main paved street was opened, known as Strada Giustiniana or Sartsada, as was called in later years. The grand Gate and the canons were also added as well as the entrance gate, in which the marks of Venetian rule are obvious, as the Lion of Agios Markos, a characteristic Venetian symbol, is found on its upper part.

The most important buildings of the fortress are the Byzantine church of Sotiras or Pantokratoras dating back to the 12th century, the three-aisled basilica of Agios Frangiskos dating back to the 14th century, the church of Agios Ionannis Prodromos built in the 15th century and the single-aisled basilica of Agia Barvara, the Venetian prisons and the gunpowder storage room, the English Officers' sports field, the British parliament building and the barracks.

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